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links to people or organisations which I be connected with or with whom I share the passion for a better healthcare and a better world. A world where everybody can live in freedom, have to eat and a house to come home to.

A world where nobody is shut out in spite of a disability, illness, gender, colour, race, sexual preference, education or profession.

We are all equal and we need each other to survive on the beautiful planet. So let we make our stay here for our self and for other a happy  stay, and if you are in a position to help your fellow earth residents please do.



An Academy where you can share your idea’s, where you can learn from the specalists “the doers” and the place to find practical answers which work!


Where to start? With the musical discovery of MusicShelter you get lots of inspirational tips.


Need scientific research about music and the human body you find it here. Know a great research which is not yet on this page tweet or mail me about it.

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